Clothes with roots

Finnish quality and design with love, passion and a big heart.

Tarina-Asu designs and manufactures high-quality linen clothing with domestic forces, where people entertain and experience pleasure for a long time. The usability and comfort of a garment are its most important quality factors. Comfort is created by the material, the model and the design of the garment. Quality and durability are the basis and starting point of the Tarina-Asu collection. Feedback from customers indicates the design and development of the collection.

Our most important value is domesticity and all our clothes are made in Finland. This ensures high quality, responsibility for working conditions and factors.

Tarina-Asu was founded in 1993 in Lappeenranta. The company’s founder Sanna Lehto continues to be the main designer and responsible bearer of Tarina-Asu.

Tarina-Asu’s clothes combine Finnish nature and handicrafts, time-resistant design and high-quality materials. The result is a unique garment just for you, not just to be worn on – but to last a lifetime.

"Feet on the ground, head in the clouds"

CEO & Head Designer

Sanna Lehto

Sanna Lehto’s detailed opinions on high-quality clothes and materials are the foundation of Tarina-Asu. Tarina-Asu offers its customers timeless linen clothes of the highest quality which adapt to many situations.

Sanna is an art square weaver, which has helped her see the importance of colours and materials in a successful product. The shades of Tarina-Asu’s clothes are the end result of Sanna’s persistent design work.

"Spokesperson for sustainable quality clothes"

Brand Manager

Kiia Aarnio

Kiia has solid experience from the fashion and clothing industries. She has a strong understanding of customer needs. Kiia is passionate about sustainable development and making clothes that last for years instead of adhering to the present-day disposable culture.

With the help of Kiia’s business competence, the company’s overall look was renewed to correspond to Tarina-Asu’s clothes and ideology.